Hacked/Unblocked Happy Wheels Version

Hey guys, so I have noticed that you were looking for Happy Wheels Hacked (or unblocked version of the game), this means that demo version can no longer satisfy you, well in this case I will do my best to find full version for you.

Happy Wheels HackedAfter making decent amount of research I have found on the internet following type of the cheat called – God Mode! Sounds intriguing right? Let’s see what this mode can offer us.

God mode does following weird thing – you become immortal, no really you can try, no matter what will happen to you, what kind of weapons or obstacles will be used against you, you will still stay alive.

You know it may sound great, but there are negative sides to this mode as well, for example if you will fall in one of the obstacles, you won’t be able to escape it because you are immortal, you will be trapped in there and only solution in this case is to restart level.

As you can see, you may be immortal, but you will still have to avoid getting stuck in different places, otherwise this mode is just amazing, you can complete any level, no matter how hard it is, just like I have said before beware of the traps and obstacles which can cause you getting stuck in place.

I have also noticed that people get confused, they are searching for this mode with different names, for example: Happy Wheels Hacked or Happy Wheels Unblocked. Both of them are the same, but correct name is God Mode.

If you will get bored by this mode you can always enjoy demo version of the game on our site, just click banner below and enjoy this game.

Demo version

By the ways, I can also tell you couple of interesting things about this game if you are interested. First of all game belongs to the racing category, but it is not ordinary racing game, you see here, developer (Jim Bonacci) added couple of extraordinary features, like flying body parts, dark humor and lots of interesting levels with interesting characters and interesting obstacles. Making just one single mistake in the game will lead you to some serious injuries and breaks or to lost body parts. Even after losing both legs your character can still continue racing, yeah, sometimes game is just unbelievable!

Buttons to control your gameControls of the game you probably know already, but I will still list them here anyway:

Shift & Ctrl – Secondary actions
Z button – Eject
Space bar – Main action of your character
Up & Down arrow keys – Move forward or backward
Left & Right arrow buttons – Lean in different directions

Don’t forget to tell us what you think about this mind-blowing game in comments below, I’m pretty sure you all have a lot to tell since this game is truly impressive and unlike everything what you have ever seen before (thanks to Totaljerkface).

Well with that being said, I hope you will enjoy hacked/unblocked version of the game, have fun guys!

This meme from hackedhappywheels.com xD